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Can I claim against council for road debris?

Q. I recently had a bike accident on the way back from college. I was about to overtake a bus which was slowing down as it was approaching a bus stop, so I assumed it would stop there. As I pulled out to go round it there was a car coming towards me on the other side of the road. ...

  • Riding & Events
  • Riding Skills
  • 16 April 2010

Legal advice: what to do if you have an accident in France

If you have had the misfortune to be involved in an accident in another EU member state like France and the foreign driver is blaming you and your insurer isn’t pursuing it hard, there are still steps you can take. If an English domiciled biker is injured in France by a French driver then as long as the French driver’s ...

  • Riding & Events
  • Touring & travel
  • 26 March 2010

Motorcycle insurance advice: don't accept their first offer

It is unfortunately the case for a motorcycle insurance company to make low first offer if you have to make a claim. Insurers will of course want to pay as little as possible and the first offer usually reflects that. But first things first. When your renewal comes around, make sure your bike is accurately valued. There is no point ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Insurance advice
  • 19 February 2010

Do I need a solicitor if the police interview me?

Q. I recently had an accident with a car when I was filtering past a line of stationary traffic and this car suddenly decided to make a U-turn without any indication. I tried to avoid a collision but rode into the side of his car. It clearly wasn't my fault. ow the police have contacted me and want to come ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Insurance advice
  • 10 February 2010

Will I lose my licence if I've been summonsed?

I have nine points on my licence, all due to speeding offences, and I've recently had another one for doing 49mph in a 30mph limit. This time I have been summonsed to go to court and I'm worried that I may be disqualified from riding. Will I?Ian Woodhouse, Birmingham  The short answer is yes. The reason you've received a summons ...

  • Riding & Events
  • 05 February 2010

Should I accept an offer from the MIB?

Q. I had a bike accident when I lost control of my Triumph Sprint because some idiot ran me off the road. He left the scene.  Save cash on motorcycle insurance I had whiplash injuries and damage to my kit and bike. I put a claim into the Motor Insurers Bureau as I had read your advice on hit and run ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Insurance advice
  • 21 January 2010

Legal advice: It's you versus the Highways Agency

"I was travelling home at night on a minor country road. Next thing I knew, I was spinning around like a top as I came around the corner and had to let go of the bike. I haven't injured myself (thankfully) but when I picked the bike up there was mud all over it. I checked the road and there ...

  • Motorcycle News
  • 12 January 2010

Had an accident in a car park? Read this...

So how does an accident that happens in a car park differ from an incident on the road? Well, as with any claim, it all depends on the evidence and the facts available. However, unlike a road traffic offence heard in a magistrates court where you have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, in civil procedure cases you only have ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Insurance advice
  • 08 January 2010

How to contest a speeding charge

If you get stopped by two police officers in a car and you don’t agree with the speed they say you were doing, you can contest the charge in court, though it will be an uphill struggle. Unfortunately if you have the TWO officers both saying you were travelling at a speed (corroborating each other) that is usually evidence enough ...

  • Riding & Events
  • Riding Skills
  • 07 January 2010

Can you use flashing cycle lights on a motorcycle?

Some riders are starting to use flashing bicycle lights in addition to their normal dipped beam when they are riding through heavy traffic. The trouble is that it is illegal under the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 which say that lamps on motor vehicles have to show a steady light, unless it's an indicator, emergency vehicle headlamp, a warning beacon ...

  • Motorcycle Products
  • Parts & accessories
  • 18 December 2009

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