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Jacket review: BMW Phase Change jacket

Ped Baker, 06 August 2010 16:43

BMW Phase Change jacket £145 ( covered/time: 1000/three months What’s good? The Phase Change jacket is made from a material that contains paraffin microcapsules. Save £££s on motorcycle jackets It’s claimed that these capsules can capture excess heat and release it when needed, keeping your body temperature constant. The good news is that it works – to a point. Over ...

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Product review: Harley Davidson Legendary Performance eyewear

Ped Baker, 28 May 2010 14:31

Harley Davidson Legendary Performance eyewear, £46.39Miles covered/time: 500 miles/one month What’s good? Wrap around shades and a piss pot lid have become the official headwear of the Harley rider so when the big H-D put their shield on a pair of bins they need to be pretty good. Save cash on motorcycle products The Harley Legendary Performance sunglasses fit close ...

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Product review: Garmin Quest GPS

Ped Baker, 21 April 2010 10:22

Garmin Quest GPS, approx £50 on eBayMiles covered/time: 5000/three years What’s good? The Quest GPS is small, waterproof, intuitive to use and has a working battery life of over 24hours, it also comes with mapping software for most of Europe. Save £££s on motorcycle GPS systems A good battery life enables the unit to be used in the map pocket ...

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Luggage review: Held Scotty tank bag

Ped Baker, 01 April 2010 16:38

Held Scotty tank bag, £74.99Miles covered/time: 2400/two years What’s good? Designed for short sloping trail bike tanks, the Held Scotty is small (4-7 litres) but packs some genuinely useful rather than gimmicky features. Save £££s on motorcycle luggage The highlight has to be the mounting system. A large Velcro panel attaches under the seat and runs up onto the tank ...

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Product review: Andy Strapz Luggage straps

Ped Baker, 01 April 2010 16:26

Andy Strapz Luggage straps £23 a pairMiles covered/time: 2000 miles/five years What’s good? Attaching soft luggage to a bike can be a challenge. Save cash on motorcycle products Bungee straps and cargo nets are great when you find the optimum length and hooking points but more often than not they’re too short, too long plus they can damage paintwork. Andy ...

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Jacket review: Tucano Urbano Libeccio 837

Ped Baker, 12 January 2010 10:47

Tucano Urbano Libeccio 837 Jacket, £128Miles covered/time: 500 miles/six months What's good? Tucano Urbano clothing is aimed at commuting scooter riders rather than out-and-out motorcyclists so their designs are more subdued (and more fashionable) that most other motorcycle clobber. Save £££s on motorcycle jackets The Libeccio jacket has a matt finish waterproof nylon outer, plush thermal lining, three inner and ...

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Helmet review: Les Ateliers Ruby Belvedere

Ped Baker, 12 January 2010 10:33

Les Ateliers Ruby Belvedere helmet, £607Miles covered/time: 1000/six months What's good: The Les Ateliers Ruby Belvedere helmet is without doubt, the most luxurious piece of motorcycling equipment ever made. Save cash on motorcycle helmets It's the helmet equivalent of an Aston Martin DB5. Hand crafted, hand painted and upholstered with the softest red leather, the quality and detail of the ...

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Sunwise Montreal sunglasses

Ped Baker, 04 November 2009 15:14

Sunwise Montreal sunglasses £24.99 (£32.99 with prescription lens carrier)Miles covered/time: 1200/six months What’s good? Tinted visors are fine for the summer but this time of year it seems every journey requires a clear alternative to be stuffed in the tank bag. Save £££s on eyewear I need a heavy (and illegal) tint for riding into a setting sun but having ...

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Glove review: Alpinestars S-1

Ped Baker, 18 September 2009 13:47

Alpinestars S-1 gloves, £115Miles covered/time: 1000miles/two months What's good: Short gloves are ideal for commuting or wearing with a jacket that has tight or bulky cuffs, especially textile jackets. These S-1 gloves are superbly made with hard knuckle and finger armour and a small amount of ventilation across the back of the hand. Unlike a lot of short gloves they're ...

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Jacket review: Belstaff Trialmaster

Ped Baker, 04 September 2009 16:10

Belstaff Trialmaster jacket £379.99Miles covered/time: 3000 miles/four months What’s good? Modern motorcycle clothing and clothing for the ‘normal’ world don’t often mix well, especially when it comes to waterproofs. Despite Italy’s best efforts, wear a waterproof bike jacket down the pub and people will point. That’s not surprising when the majority look as if they belong to an eastern European ...


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