Kit Review: Lewis Leathers Westway boots

By Marc Abbott -


 01 December 2010 13:04

Lewis Leathers Westway boots, £325

Miles covered/time: 8500/nine months
What's good? They¹re classic, stylish, inoffensive, suitable for wear on or off the bike ­ any bike ­ and they have become one of the few items of motorcycling kit that I¹ll regularly wear, day-in, day-out. The sole is of the Goodyear welted variety (the Westways are also available with a Racing sole), so should it ever wear through (which, on current wear rate, would take many, many years) it can be replaced. I reviewed these boots back in the early spring of 2010, and a few eyebrows were raised at my early claims of perceived value. Although admittedly far from the cheapest pair of boots available, I¹ve put a further 7600 miles on them in the intervening seven months, and still say these are worth it. For a start, they will last a lifetime. Like a timeless leather jacket, or a vintage guitar you scrimp and save for, I¹ve every intention of bequeathing these boots to my kids. And I don¹t know many people who could, hand-on-heart, say that about a pair of plastic-clad race boots.
What's not? Er, you wouldn¹t want to take them on a track day. For me, that really is one of the only drawbacks in their versatility.
Verdict: 5/5