Glove review: Spada Enforcer

By Samuel Pinney -


 28 October 2010 15:17

Spada Enforcer gloves, £54.99
Miles covered/time:
1500/three weeks

What’s good? If you can’t afford the luxury of summer and winter gloves, then these aren’t a bad option for most of the year.

I’ve covered about 7000 miles in the previous version of this glove, these ones are almost the same but appear to have grown an extra knuckle of armour.

The protection on the fingers and the back of the hand is very good. The left hand glove has a visor wiper on the thumb which is absolutely brilliant.

What’s not? The lining is bountiful which means it sticks out past the cuff like a badly packed kebab. After about 15 minutes of riding rain gets on the lining and will wick into the rest of the glove so you get very soggy hands.

It will take days to dry out. Also on really cold days your fingers will get chilly.

Rating: 3/5