Glove review: EXO² StormGuard heated gloves

By Michael Neeves -


 20 February 2012 15:52

EXO² StormGuard heated gloves, £139.99
Time used:
Three months

What’s good: These leather gloves, with carbon Kevlar palm and knuckle protectors, would keep you nice and warm, even without the added heating. They’re comfy and not too bulky, so you’ve still got good feel for the brake, clutch and throttle.

They don’t have a separate battery pack, so you have to plug them into the bike, either directly or via the heated jacket.

The heating elements are across the back of your hands and around the length of your each finger and thumb and take the chill away from riding.

What’s not: They’re not as warm as I was hoping – about equivalent to the lowest level on a BMW heated grip. I’d like them to be a fair bit hotter for really cold conditions.

The long wires are really messy and you have to thread them through your jacket like kiddie’s mitten elastic, and they get in the way when you’ve taken the gloves off.

Rating: 3/5

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