Glove Review: Halvarsson Dryway

By Alison Silcox -


 31 October 2012 12:08

Halvarsson Dryway Gloves (superseded by Waler, £74.99)

Miles covered/owned: 10,000/three years

What’s good: I’ve never been a fan of winter gloves as they can tend to be bulky and limit movement but that’s not the case with these. They fit well and the adjusters on the cuffs and at the wrist make them snug enough to fit under the sleeve of my jacket, meaning when riding in the rain the water runs off my hand and not into my glove. With the summer being on the cool side I’ve pretty much worn these throughout the year, they keep me warm and dry when needed but don’t make for clammy paws on days that are warmer.

What’s not: There isn’t a great deal of protection but luckily I’ve never been in a position to try out the lack of crash protection! The lining can sometimes be a bit tricky and I have to make sure I catch hold of the ends of the fingers when taking the gloves off.


Verdict: 4/5

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