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Valentino Rossi Donkey lid exclusive

By Rob Hull -


 03 November 2009 12:32

AGV has officially announced they will bring in a limited run of the Valentino Rossi Donkey helmet he wore to victory at the Misano GP earlier in the year.

Available from January, the lid was originally designed by Valentino Rossi himself in a self-mocking celebration of his fall at the previous Indianapolis MotoGP in America.

The Doctor turned into the Donkey as Rossi admitted his first though when he crashed was “what a donkey” - this thought translated into the helmet design for the next round.

Designed by world famous Aldo Drudi the helmet has a huge donkey on top (with Valentino’s eyes!) “THE DONKEY” on the back in the familiar “Doctor” script, also the word “EL SUMÈR” (the donkey in the local dialect of Rossi’s home town of Tavullia).

The helmet also features the familiar sun and moon images on the chin bar, a “46” on the sides, and on the back Rossi’s two dogs Cesare and Cecilia wearing donkey hats!

The GP Tech is the top of the range helmet from AGV and is the helmet worn and developed by Valentino Rossi.

This lid will come with a limited edition box and retail for £499.99 from AGV Advanced Centres in January next year.

Info and nearest dealer from sales@moto-direct.com 01773-864420.