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Exclusive: AGV launch new Stealth and S-4

By Rob Hull -


 04 November 2009 17:19

AGV has updated both the Stealth and the S-4 helmets with new SV versions for 2010, both coming with an integrated flip-down sun visor and a built-in Bluetooth device.

It’s a first for AGV on both fronts, and this ceaseless march of innovation now makes the three-year-old range topping GP Tech helmet the oldest in AGV’s range.

Both the new helmets will be the first two ready for the AGVoice Bluetooth communication system.

The kit itself is a flexible wraparound insert that fits in underneath the liner of the helmet, meaning you don’t need to make any alterations to the shell or have any wires or speakers dangling around.

The inset has the speakers, microphone and rechargeable battery all inbuilt and will retail for around £150-£200 extra.

It is activated using a single external button and the rest is done with a voice assistance system.

The system then pairs with two other Bluetooth device.

Two may not seem like enough, but navigation systems and phones have multi-Bluetooth device options, so if you pair through the Sat Nav you can already have the navigation system paired to your phone.

Also new is the inbuilt internal sun visor.

It’s operated using a single lever on the side of the visor mount and, unlike many rival manufacturers, the visor can be removed for cleaning and a range of coloured insert options are available.

Both the Stealth and S-4 SV shells are a carbon-fibre/fibreglass mix.

Both come in two shell sizes and feature AGV’s own quick release visor system that’s the same as the top of the range race helmet.

Like the T-2 and the GP Tech racing lids, the ventilation system is an integrated version through the EPS liner, as developed by Valentino Rossi.

The only difference between the two is the sporty rear spoiler on the Stealth SV while the S-4 SV keeps a traditional shape.

Both have full removable and washable interiors, too.

The Stealth retails from £219.99 and the S-4 will be priced slightly lower from £199.99.