Airoh Mathisse RS

By DrVibrafly -

 24 February 2010 02:02

Testing period: 1 year Conditions tested under: Sunny heatwaves, snow, sleet, rain, wind, hail. Commuting, long trips, touring, cruising.

RRP: £149.99 Purchase price: £129.95 (online)

Colour options: Matt black, Matt black with red and scotchlite strips, metallic silver, white with black stripes, matt grey. Styled like a bandit or streetfighter helmet it has a distinctive look.

The reflective strips do a good job to make you more visable at night and add to the styling of the helmet. This has been used as my main helmet for over a year now and has stood up to some pretty varied weather.

The helmet is quite light for a flip face and is comfortable to wear on both quick trips and long journeys alike. The visor quality is ok but would benefit from anti-fog products.

You don't have much ventilation choice with the front mouth section being perminantly open and the top vent doesn't seem to have much affect. The addition of a retractable sun visor is handy when riding through town or tree covered roads as it allows you to quickly flip it up when you reach shadow spots.

Over all it's held up well but one fault is that the sun visor becomes loose and falls down when you don't want it to - although this is easily fixed by tightening with an allen key.

Noise levels at speed are not brilliant but acceptable for a flip face. For touring, commuting or popping to the shops this serves well as either a main helmet or a back up but best avoided if you'll be covering lots of speedy motorway miles, in which case go for a proper full face helmet instead.

Comfort: 8/10
Noise reduction: 6/10
Features: 6/10
Quality: 7/10
Value: 9/10
Over all: 7.5/10