Helmet Review: Shoei XR1100

By Alison Silcox -


 31 October 2012 12:13

Shoei XR1100, £419.99

Miles covered/owned: 4000/six months

What’s good: I like Shoeis, they fit my head shape well and this is the third Shoei I’ve worn so am quite becoming an expert. As with the others it didn’t take long to bed in. The visor changing system is really easy to operate and takes seconds to switch from clear to dark visor. The vents are well placed and can be adjusted easily, even with a gloved hand. I know it sounds a bit naff but I also like the paint job, I’ve previously had more muted coloured lids but fancied a change, opting for the red, white and black paintjob brightens up my otherwise drab riding kit. At £419.99 it’s quite pricey but can you put a value on your head!!

What’s not: When riding at slow speeds I’m having issues with fogging up of my glasses on cold days. I’ve tried vents open and closed but it makes no difference, the only solution seems to be riding with the visor cracked open till I’m up to a decent speed.

Contact: www.feridax.com

Verdict: 4/5

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