The DPS system

The DPS system


MCN exclusive: Spidi unveil new airbag suit

By Liam Marsden -

Leathers, jackets & suits

 02 July 2009 10:19

Spidi has unveiled its new neck airbag system, which will go on sale in 2010 after 15 years of development.

The Neck DPS (Dispositivo Pneumatico di Sicurezza, or pneumatic safety device in English) system works using a wire which will be connected to the bike.

The circular wire connects under the seat. If a violent jolt removes the wire the airbag inflates. 

There is no risk of activating the airbag by mistake because 25KN of energy is required to trigger it.

Pietro Zanetti, head of Spidi's Safety Lab, said; "For more than 10 years we have worked on reducing the weight and activation time of the DPS.

"The result obtained is a new product with higher performance than expected: weight reduction of 60%, speeded up activation time by 50% and a complete reconfiguration of ergonomics and geometry."