Trouser review: Rukka Kalahari

By Michael Guy -

Leathers, jackets & suits

 08 April 2011 13:00

Rukka Kalahari trousers, £549.99
Miles covered:
3500/four months

What's good: Like the Kalahari jacket the trousers are high quality and feel it weighing in at 2.3kg. They are fitted with flexible armour with protection on the knees and hips. Rukka Kalahari trousers for sale

They can be zipped directly to the jacket for extra warmth and feature a number of easily accessible and well placed pockets.

What’s not: The biggest problem is the sizing. Although the trousers fit perfectly on the waste and length, they are overly tight around the hip and top of the leg forcing me to actually remove the hip armour to give more room.

Also unlike the jacket I find the trousers slightly drafty, especially around the knees, which isn’t ideal when it’s zero degrees.

Verdict: 3/5

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