Tucano Urbano Urbis jacket

By Tom Cambio -

Leathers, jackets & suits

 19 December 2011 12:00

Tucano Urbano Urbis jacket, £179.99
Miles covered/time:
Two months/2000 miles 

What’s good: The Urbis is a stylish, urban jacket with more than a passing resemblance to rather more expensive offerings from the likes of Belstaff.

Pitched as an all-season jacket it’s warm, well made and comfortable, with CE-approved soft armour in the elbows and shoulders, plus a waterproof, breathable outer.

Whilst the last two months have been unseasonably mild, resulting in the need to remove the inner fleece waistcoat (which could be worn separately, if you’re sartorially inclined), when the temperature dropped to single digits in the half-lit commute I’ve never wished that I’d left the waistcoat zipped in place.

The Urbis features ‘Aero 3D’ mesh lining that is brilliantly effective at retaining heat and gives confidence in the ‘all-season’ claim.

I’ve been lucky enough to have missed out on being caught in any torrents of rain, but having ridden through showers and dense early morning mists I have no doubts about the Urbis being waterproof.

The beauty of this jacket lies in the fact that whilst it offers the same protection and ability to cope with the British climate as a typical textile, its subtle design doesn’t look out of place when not on two wheels.

What’s not: Initially the soft armour and lightweight outer shell didn’t lend the feeling that the jacket would withstand a trip down the road as well as a more bulky and overtly rugged textile jacket, but considering how well the Urbis has performed

I’ve no reason to doubt its protective qualities and fortunately haven’t needed to test them.

The fact that the jacket is so warm in these cool autumnal months may count against it in the height of summer.

Contact: www.tucanourbano.it
Rating: 5/5

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