Belstaff Thruxton jacket

Belstaff Thruxton jacket


Belstaff Thruxton jacket

By Mark Holmes -

Leathers, jackets & suits

 05 October 2011 10:43

Belstaff Thruxton jacket, £650

Miles covered/time: 4000/one year

What’s good: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever,’ the poet said. And it’s a phrase that applies perfectly to my jacket. The quality of this gorgeous piece of clothing oozes from every stitch. Made from grained leather that strikes the perfect blend between robust thickness and superb suppleness, this jacket has some proper weight to it, aided and abetted by the gorgeous classic quilted red satin lining. The warmth of that lining makes it ideal for outings on crisp and clear spring/autumn days, the snug fit of its XXL size adding to the tactile pleasure of wearing it.

This is the first real quality leather jacket I’ve ever owned – it was a birthday present to myself last year when I racked up my half century. On the odd occasion when I think I must have been mad to pay such a king’s ransom for a jacket, a few minutes lingering over its magnificent details always allays those doubts. Of course, it’s got all the stuff you expect on a modern jacket – crash protection for all the usual jointy bits, useful inside and outside pockets, robust zips and fasteners all round.

But it’s stuff like the bold Belstaff logo emblazoned in relief on the back, the way the panels of leather have been shaped and stitched together with meaty seams and the raised legend in leather on the inside of the bottom hem (a secret only the owner and selected viewers will ever be privy to) that make it really special to me. It’s a jacket that I’ll pass it on to my son when I’m too old to carry it off. My only hope is that he’ll appreciate it as much as I do.

What’s not: I removed the shoulder protectors because they looked a bit too ’80s power-dresser for my liking. A year after getting it, I’m still paying for it…


Rating: 5/5

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