Spidi RR leather jacket

Spidi RR leather jacket


Spidi RR leather jacket

By Dan Aspel -

Leathers, jackets & suits

 26 September 2011 16:50

Spidi RR Leather Jacket, £440

Miles covered/time: 3000 miles/four months

What’s good: Almost everything. The shoulder and elbow protection is so solid it feels like it’s carved out of wood, but the whole Spidi jacket is so comfy, stylish and lightweight I seldom want to take it off (it is Italian, after all). The neoprene areas on the underside of the arms are perfectly placed to aid movement and the 1.1mm cowhide construction is equally suited to track and road. Spidi claims it’s intended for sports bike use, but that’s underselling the RR as it’s equally comfortable on upright roadsters, too. The insulating inner jacket is well fitting and extremely comfortable.

What’s not: Spidi’s official back protector (£48), chest protector (£48) and waterproof underjacket (£97) are all optional extras. OK, the waterproof lining is a definite luxury, but if a Hein Gericke touring jacket comes with back protection as standard, why doesn’t this top-end Spidi track wear?

Contact: www.spidi.com

Rating: 4/5

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