Can Datatool alarms be bypassed?

By Anonymous -

Parts & accessories

 02 August 2010 14:05

Last week my Triumph Street Triple, '09 plate LJ09 EVV with about 4,500 miles, was stolen from outside my house.

The bike was covered, had the wheel lock on, and the alarm was armed and functioning. I was never more than 30 feet from the bike - was watching TV in the front room - and the alarm did not make a peep!

It was a dealer fitted Datatool S4, fitted at purchase. Now, when the alarm did go off previously, it was extremely loud, audible as we all know a long way away! I'm annoyed.

Have you had other people with Datatool S4 issues?

Ever heard of Datatool having to compensate for failure of their product? This seems to have been a professional theft, so maybe the thieves have a way to kill the alarm before it gets going - but how would they manage?

It's meant to be indestructible! And what about the dealers who fit the equipment?

So, I'll have to replace the bike, but what advanced security do you know of? eg Datatracker looks good, but what about perimeter sensors and that kind of thing? It all has to be on-board, as it's a public road. Cheers Matt