Gaffer tape

Gaffer tape


Motorcycle gear review: Gaffer tape

By Samuel Pinney -

Parts & accessories

 24 August 2010 16:16

Gaffer tape, £5.99

Miles covered/time: 5000/18 months

What’s good? This tape has fixed a zip, repaired a pannier, protected a fairing, waterproofed a leaking glove, secured an indicator, sealed a hole, de-wonked a wonky visor, reinforced a bandage, covered a hole in a seat and temporarily plugged a leak so I could get home. Not all in the same day, but it’s been very handy.

Worst bit? The roll is sticky on the edges so it tends to stick itself to anything else it is stored with. Long exposure to gaffer tape may cause you to try and use it to solve everything like domestic disputes or global warming.

Contact: Your local bike shop

Rating: 5/5