The Hagon Replacement Monoshock

The Hagon Replacement Monoshock


Hagon Replacement Monoshock

By Simon Relph -

Parts & accessories

 19 April 2011 14:28

Hagon Replacement Monoshock: £299.50
Miles covered/time: 545 miles/three weeks

What’s good: The ease with which this Hagon monoshock can be fitted depends very much on what bike you are fitting it to. And there's a range of Hagon replacement motorcycle suspension available. I have just fitted one to my BMW R100R and without a word of a lie, the old one was off and the new one was fitted in less than 10 minutes – ready to ride. Do take time to check the instructions, though (not the sort of thing us men are used to, admittedly, but in this case, if you don’t take the time to check you will miss the fact that Hagon supply a larger replacement washer to make sure the shock cannot come off).

The beauty of this unit is it is fully re-buildable, unlike a lot of shocks that require disposal if anything goes wrong with them. The progressive preload can be easily and quickly adjusted using the tool supplied. Once set up, the difference this had made to my rather tired old BMW is now unbelievable, bringing the handling kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The handling has been vastly improved, no longer slouching around bends, giving a really positive feel. Another plus, it comes with a two-year guarantee.

What’s not: It has made the rest of my bike look somewhat shabby!

Rating: 4/5

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