Ducati 749's engine management light won't go out

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 04 August 2011 11:34

Q. I’ve just got myself a Ducati 749, the 2004 model. It’s the first one I've had so I was caught out by the parking light which drained the battery. No problem as I’ve got a spare, but the battery makes the positive and negative terminals hard to identify when it’s in situ, so I looked up the manual and off I went... except my manual is wrong and has terminals reverse to what they actually are.

So I’ve replaced the blown 40-amp fuse for the rectifier and the relay for the headlamps. All the electrics work, fuel pump activates, but the engine management light is still on.

Starter switch, motor and solenoid all have power to them and the starter turns if you put power direct to it.
Sat75, MCN forums
A. There's a little £4.50 relay that controls the fuel injection that has probably gone. It's very susceptible to blowing because it's exposed to the weather, too. It lurks behind the battery box. To get good access to it, disconnect the fly lead to the starter motor at the motor end so you can swing the battery box well out of the wayonce you've undone the screws.

You'll see a heat shield held on by four screws, remove that and the relay is down low at 5 o'clock. For the cost of it, it's worth replacing as a service item, with a spare under the seat in case it fails out on the road.

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