Granger's Dirty Scrubber sponge cleaner

By Dan Aspel -

Parts & accessories

 19 August 2011 15:47

Granger's Dirty Scrubber sponge cleaner, £2.99

Time used: Two months

What's good: Cheap and handy, this coarse sponge - with a soft underbelly and a pre-loaded cleaning fluid dispenser - is nicely put together in a clip-in plastic holder. Press it up against your jacket and scrub away without having to bother with water, bottles of soap or anything else at all. It's convenient.

What's not: Ultimately, it's just a sponge with the cleaning fluid already built in. You could replicate the effect with a six-pack of domestic sponges and a bottle of generic cleaning fluid. It would cost a lot less and last a lot longer than the rather meagre reservoir. I used up most of it trying to get one week's worth of insects off my textiles. Yes, it's easy to carry around, but who cleans their kit while they're out on the road.?


Rating: 3/5

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