Shift-It helmet refresh

By Dan Aspel -

Parts & accessories

 19 August 2011 16:12

Shift-It helmet refresh, £2.99

Time used: Two months

What's good: Helmet cleanliness is a bit of a neglected topic. Your sweating mug fills that space, day in day out. You sneeze in it, sweat in it and breathe three meals a day into it if you ride often enough. On top of that, most of us stuff our road-smeared gloves into them half the time as well. Short of removing and washing the lining, it's probably a very good idea to give it a cleansing blast with an anti-microbial agent to give it some semblance of freshness.

What's not: It smells exactly like a freshly cleaned toilet. I'd wager that this is exactly the same stuff that fills squeegee bottles in offices up and down the country. It will undoubtedly kill all kinds of bacteria and the odours they create, but do you want your lid to smell like a urinal? It's a toss-up.


Rating: 3/5

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