Product review: Oxford Back Protector

By James Capell -

Parts & accessories

 23 August 2011 17:41

Oxford Back Protector £76.55
Miles covered/time:
2000 miles/seven months

What’s good: If I venture out of the house with the intention of pushing it I always put this on. When I’m not wearing it I definitely notice my sense of security and my riding style change.

Fortunately *Touch wood* I’ve not tested it destruction but the guys who have gave it a CE Level 2 standard (The highest European standard). Motorcycle armour for sale. It fits really well and is comfy enough to allow you to ride a whole day without adjusting it.

What’s not: It’s a pain to wear with my one-piece; it gets caught around the collar when I try to get undressed so I end up having to do a taking-the-onesie-off-dance. £76.99 is a lot of money but it’s a small price to pay considering the benefit it could have.

Verdict: 3/5  

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