Granger’s G-Max Universal Footwear Proofer

By Marc Abbott -

Parts & accessories

 05 December 2011 16:13

Granger’s G-Max Universal Footwear Proofer, £5.99
Time used:
One month

What’s good: Quite simply, when applied to slightly damp leather or textiles, this spray faultlessly waterproofs. Here’s how good it is: My Lewis Leathers Westway boots have taken a hosing on their uppers. Nothing got through.

I’ve sprayed it on a 16-year-old pair of cracked, scuffed and generally knackered paratrooper boots (which I can’t bear to part with).

They’re now 100% waterproof – water just beads off. I’ve even applied it to my leather courier bag. Now waterproof, as tested over the last month.

Owning a bottle of this stuff elicits the feeling you first felt when you got an electric screwdriver. Few things in my outdoor wardrobe have escaped its attention. Priceless.

What’s not: It takes a little time to soak in, and it darkens the colour of your shoes momentarily. But this shouldn’t concern you if your boots are black!

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Rating: 5/5

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