Does my ZX-6R need matched tyres?


 08 March 2011 10:32

I bought my first big bike, a ZX-6R, back in November with a view to storing it over winter and getting ready for spring. I have done all the normal stuff, changed all the fluids, filters, new pads and I noticed that the front tyre is a Maxxis M6029 Supermaxx and the rear is a Michelin 2CT. Both look new and have plenty of tread. I did go out for a quick blast and it felt OK (not that I have a lot of experience). But am I OK to leave it as is or would you recommend changing one of them to make a matching set? This will be my first year of riding, so I might do the odd commute to work, but mostly just getting out at the weekends and having some fun.
DampBullet, MCN forums

It’s always best to have matched pairs, but it’s only going to be an issue if you are pushing the bike really hard and it’s a sports bike, so has particularly sensitive steering. As you are in your first year of riding it’s more important that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressures and in good condition. If your wallet can take it, then get a matching rear Maxxis to start with, but keep the Michelin and when one of the tyres wears out, probably the rear, refit the Michelin with a matched front tyre. I’d be surprised if you have any problems.

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