Interphone F4 Stereo

Interphone F4 Stereo


Interphone F4 Stereo

By Simon Relph -

Parts & accessories

 16 November 2011 14:17

Interphone F4 Stereo £179.99, or as duo pack at £299.95

Miles covered/time: 3500/six months

What’s good: A good read through the fitting instructions and I was ready to install the Interphone F4, I had opted for the duo pack so by the second one I was a true professional installer. Both Interphones fully charged by the rather good idea of one charger with two outlets (saves taking two chargers away with you). Each Interphone is ready to be switched on and paired up, all operations are quite simple and take a matter of seconds (press down the MFB button and wait a few seconds for the lights to change to a fixed blue light on both and you are paired up ready to go).

One of the first things I noticed was the clarity and the complete lack of interference, I have found with other systems they pick up wind noise very easily, and were a bit clunky as each person spoke, whereas with the Interphone 4 there was none of this. I have always found Bluetooth a bit “smoke and mirrors”, as there is nothing to see, but I am pleased to say this was easy to pair up with either my phone, satnav or another Interphone.

One discovery I did make – the range is good, I know this because whilst waiting on the bike, my wife popped to a shop but en route, bumped into a friend before she got there, and I could hear every word, clear as a bell! I had to butt in over the intercom with, “I can hear you!” She takes her helmet off before talking about me now.

What’s not: I fitted one to an old Arai and one to a new one – the lining in the new one did not allow the Velcro to attach itself so I had to use the stick-on Velcro pads to secure the headphones in place. Velcro on the old Arai lining, however, stuck like shit to a blanket.


Rating: 4/5

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