Product review: Bikertidy Floorstand

By Marc Potter -

Parts & accessories

 23 November 2011 11:09

Bikertidy Floorstand, £89.99
Time used:
One year

What’s good: If your house looks anything like mine – a cross between a bike jumble sale and the BMF bargain tents on Sunday afternoon – then you need a Bikertidy Floorstand.

Made by a proper engineering company with a mad passion for bikes (owner Phil owns a Gold Wing), it is the piece of kit that could save your marriage.

Putting it together takes about ten minutes and the quality engineering means you can hang as much kit off it without any problems. This is a sturdy piece of engineering, no doubt about that, and at £89.99 it’s great value, too.

Mine currently has four pairs of gloves tucked into the baskets, two helmets on the top shelf, two leather jackets, a set of leathers, and three pairs of boots sat on the floor underneath. It’s well balanced so even if you load it up it’s not going to fall over.

The kit comes complete with a hanging rail, three shelves, two jacket hangers, two clip-on trouser hangers, a suit hanger and adjustable feet. Other hangers are available and more sturdy metal hangers can be bought from Bikertidy. Other colours other than black are available for £10 extra.

What’s not: It’s not the prettiest thing to look at. But then, it’s supposed to be functional rather than beautiful.

Rating: 5/5