Cold Killers Mini Tube

Cold Killers Mini Tube


Cold Killers Mini Tube

By Mark Holmes -

Parts & accessories

 05 October 2011 11:02

Cold Killers Mini Tube, £16.99

Miles covered/time: 480/two weeks

What’s good: I got hold of mini tube neckwarmer this because of the imminent change in the weather, to help insulate my draughty lid against the cold winds of autumn/winter. The idea was to use it with my Arai Quantum, but the proximity of the chin bar to the nose/mouth area pressed this face mask uncomfortably over my breathing orifices, creating a kind of ‘dry waterboarding’ asphyxiation effect. Undeterred, I tried it with my open-face Bell during a recent spell of warm and sunny weather and it proved very effective.

The elasticated nose-band meant the mask was never in danger of slipping off my snout, even in strong crosswinds, which is the big disadvantage of the Buff I’ve been using up until now. In this application, it’s snugly windproof and eliminates the pain of kamikaze insects bouncing off your cheeks, while the area of nasal netting gives sufficient ventilation to allow full breathing and olfactory appreciation of seasonal muck-spreading and the like.

What’s not: The branded elasticated nose-band gives you the feeling that you’re wearing a pair of designer underpants on your face – decidedly uncool. And other road users will suspect that you’re on the way to ‘do’ the local sub post office or go on a looting spree in the local shopping centre. If I find a helmet that I can use this with, without feeling that I’ve been suffocated, I’ll give it another try in serious cold weather and report back…


Rating: 3/5

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