Bradex Easy Start

Bradex Easy Start


Bradex Easy Start

By Simon Brown -

Parts & accessories

 14 September 2011 15:48

Bradex Easy Start £4.99 for 300ml

Used for: Numerous starts

What’s good: My old Honda Dominator used to be something of a reluctant starter. Leave it standing for more than a week or two and you’d be left thumbing the button for ages before there were any signs of life – sometimes this process could take 15 or 20 minutes of turning over, waiting for a bit, and trying again. So Easy Start came as a bit of a panacea. Quick squirt into the airbox and the Dommie would fire up more or less immediately… no risk of a flattened battery and I was on my way pronto.

What’s not: It’s potent stuff and you have to be careful. One time, I gave the Honda one extra squirt for luck, thumbed the button and there was an almighty explosion (like one of those gas canons they use to scare birds). Turned out the Easy Start had ignited in the airbox, but amazingly there didn’t seem to be any damage. Lesson learned. Also, you can come to rely upon it – the Dominator’s new owner has rebuilt the carb and fixed some air leaks. It now starts a treat.

Contact: available at auto factors including Halfords

Rating: 3/5

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