Why can't I line up my Bandit 1200's wheels?

By MCN -

Parts & accessories

 20 September 2011 10:31

Q. When I line up the wheels of my Bandit 1200, properly using the string method, the index marks uncovered by the spindle blocks are not equal on each side. The right side one is about 1 1/2 divisions further forward than the left.

I’ve also found that when tightening the spindle nut up it squeezes the ends of the swingarm in about 10mm. I am sure there are no spacers or washers are missing. Are these two things related?
A. You should have a flanged spacer on the disc side, a solid spacer on the sprocket carrier side and a hub spacer inside the sprocket carrier hub that slots in the bearing inside.

1 1/2 notches is a lot, if you spin the rear wheel forwards and backwards do the sprocket teeth run in the middle of the chain and not the sides? This is more important than wheel alignment, because the front wheel takes care of itself with your steering.

If you cannot get the sprocket to run in the middle of the chain forwards/backwards, check the spacers and whether the swingarm or wheel has had a side-swipe. The two adjuster blocks are adjusted by screwing the adjuster bolts in the swingarm in or out to level the index marks.

You can also line the back wheel up by using a vernier gauge, but if the index marks don’t line up when you do it this way, people get scared and think they’ve done it wrong, when in fact the marks are out. Just check the wheel spacers are the correct ones.

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