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Debbonair Seat Pads

By MCN -

Parts & accessories

 26 April 2013 09:00

Advertisement Promotion

Looking to resolve your NUMB BUM problems & discomfort when riding? Well look no further; DebbonAir® have the best air pads, the thickest gel pads and the most practical beaded seats resolving your issues whatever your circumstances.

The only gels thick enough to support your bottom bones.

With 30 years of experience in the Medical industry specializing in pressure care for the disabled & infirmed we believe we are the only UK Medical company who sells gel pads thick enough to support the Ischial tuberosities (in other words your bottom bones).  We have developed a range of products suitable for all types of motorcyclists, all packed with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty (outer covers excluded).

From simple low risk beaded seats for the summer to med risk gel and high risk air pads which give all year round protection and comfort for both rider and pillion.

DebbonAir® Motorcycle Air Pad & Cover - Exterior Fitting

Manufactured specifically with interconnection cells which allows the pad to track the body and distribute pressure in the two/three centimetres of air which flows between your bottom bones and the base of the air pad.

This pad should not be confused with others currently on the market that do not have interconnecting cells and which have a preset amount of air sealed inside as these products create pressure and have a lilo effect making the surface hard to the touch. Our motorcycle air pad technology stems from our high risk DebbonAir wheelchair cushions which have a proven effect over long periods of time. This product comes complete with cover.

Price: £64.99

DebbonAir® Deluxe Gel Seat Pads & Covers - Exterior Fitting

A range of superior, super thick (1.8cm) comfort gel pads with covers which are suitable for all riders and pillions. This now proven product sold worldwide speaks for itself.
Using the same thickness of gel as we use in our medical cushions for the disabled this tried and tested product offers years of reliable and comfortable riding making even long journeys seem short. NOW AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES!!

Price: from £37.99

DebbonAir® Leatherette Gel Pads - Exterior Fitting

Offering the same high level of protection with our 1.8cm thick gel this economical pad comes complete in a removable vinyl cover complete with heavy duty velcro strapping. No washing, no maintenance, will last for years and will not deteriorate like foam or breakdown as some organic products currently on the market do.
Price: from £42.99

DebbonAir® Custom Gel Pads only for DIY - Interior Fitting

Working closely with custom fitters and individuals who wish to have the benefits of a gel pad fitted under their motorcycle upholstery we are able to supply a selection of molded sizes which can be cut and resealed to customize your seat.

Price: from £27.99

DebbonAir® Beaded Seat Set - Exterior Fitting

Ever wondered why all those taxi drivers in hot countries sit on beaded seats for hours on end? It’s simple. The beads offer incredible ventilation and actually stimulate blood flow when seated for long periods of time. The same has been applied to a motorcycle seat. Our riders have told us the beads are fabulous in the wet as they also act as drainage so you’re not sitting permanently in water.

Price: £24.99 per set

Honeycomb Protective Cover

Using the latest fabric technology we are proud to launch our Honeycomb All Weather Non Slip Seat Cover which is a perfect addition to any medium sized dual seated scooter/motorbike

Price: £32.99


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