Luggage Review: Richa Designer Mini Tank Bag

By Alison Silcox -

Parts & accessories

 15 July 2013 09:50

Richa Designer Mini Tank Bag, £49.99

Time tested: 1000 miles/ 1 month

What’s good: I like this handy little tank-bag it’s plain, simple and good quality. The overall size is quite small at 11 litres but ample for days out or to hold essentials on a longer trip. I’ve fitted my spare visor and waterproofs in the main section whilst the smaller top pocket is useful to stow my purse, passport, phone and house keys. The see-through compartment is great for hand written directions, I’m not a lover of sat-navs so always write directions, I find them much easier to follow. I’ve been caught in a few showers and the bag hasn’t leaked, there is a rain cover if it’s torrential so could prove useful with our changeable weather.

What’s not: I’m not sure if it is the shape of the tank on the Yamaha Fazer8 that is the issue but the magnetic bottom of the bag seems to perch on the tank rather than fit really securely. There is a head-stock strap for peace of mind and I haven’t ever had an issue but it something I am cautious with when fitting the bag.


Quality Rating: 4/5

Value Rating: 3.5/5

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