Parts Review: Kärcher K7 ‘Eco Beast’ Pressure Washer

By Andy Downes -

Parts & accessories

 19 July 2013 11:24

Kärcher K7 ‘Eco Beast’ Pressure Washer, £519.99 (deals from £400)

Time used: Five months

What’s good: I ride all winter so frequent cleaning is a must and I reckon this jetwasher has been the saviour of both my own 1998 Honda CBR600F and the long term test Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring which has seen almost daily use since before Christmas. Despite all the salt on the roads, both bikes have remained in a lovely clean state and the cost of the jetwasher can be offset against the retained values of both bikes.

This Karcher K7 Eco Beast certainly lives up to the ‘beast’ tag… the 160bar pressure on maximum is almost enough to peel the paint off a bike. Careful use is the way forward but keeping the jet nozzle away from bearings and other sensitive parts still allows superb cleaning. It really can cut through baked on winter grime with ease and has an easily adjustable nozzle for high to low pressure cleaning.

It’s easy to operate, the adjustable power nozzle means you can rinse with ease too and comes with all manner of patio cleaning bits too. I'm not telling my wife about any of the patio bits though as life is too short to be cleaning patios! It also has an Eco setting, which uses 20% less water and power. It also has a hose and filter so it can be run off a water butt filled with rainwater when you don't have access to a hospipe or outside tap.

What’s not: Spending £400 on a jetwasher is an extravagance many people are not going to stretch to, but I do know lots of people who have bought £99 ones that have lasted a fortnight. In my experience cheap jetwashes are total rubbish with motors blowing within weeks.


Rating:  4/5

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