Always send a photocopy

By MCN -


 06 August 2010 09:00

Dennis Smyth bought a set of tyres from a bike shop in their sale and arranged to keep them there until he needed to change them.

But then the shop closed and his tyres disappeared. He has contacted the head office with the receipt as proof, but now that's disappeared.

When he bought the tyres that was a binding contract and his receipt was proof. When the manager there agreed to store the tyres, as an employee he was able to agree on the firm's behalf that they would continue to be responsible for them.

However, he has now left the firm and the receipt he sent First Class post to them as documentary proof has been lost. In simple terms it is Dennis's word against theirs, unless he can track down someone like a sales assistant who is able and willing to complete a statement confirming his version of events.

The moral here is, don't send originals, send photocopies and make sure it's recorded delivery so you have a record too.