Best tyres for a Triumph Bonneville SE

By Marc Abbott -


 01 December 2010 12:40

I recently purchased an Avon Storm tyre for the front wheel for my Triumph Bonneville SE, which is a 110/70 x 17, and I’d like to fit a matching rear. Avon only makes a 150/70 x 17. Could I fit this size of tyre on the rear rim? 
John Berry, email

The recommended sizes for this bike are 110/70 x 17 and 130/80 x 17 with the rear rim 3.5 inches wide. A radial front tyre like the Storm on the front needs a radial rear fitted, not a bias-beltted tyre. But the minimum recommended rim size for a 150/70 x 17 is four inches so that is a problem. The diameters of the 130/80 x 17 and 150/70 x 17 tyre are similar so the tyre should fit on the rim, but it would affect the profile shape on the narrower rim.
Your options are to fit a 150/70 x 17 Storm (not recommended due to rim width and possible clearance issues), or find a rival firm’s rear radial, but there aren’t many in that size and you could have a mismatch issue. I really think you should remove that front radial and fit matched tyres instead. The Avon option is the AM26 Roadrider.