Best tyres for a Triumph Street Triple R?


 19 April 2011 11:33

It’s tyre replacement time on my Triumph Street Triple R, and I'm thinking of moving away from "sports tyres" as I never go near a track. I do give it the beans on the road though and wear the tyres up to the edges. I've been impressed with the Dunlop Roadsmarts on my VFR but wondered if the new Bridgestone 023 would be more suitable for my Street. I know "Rocket Ron" uses them but I presume that's because he's given them…
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Even if they are free Ron isn’t going to compromise on grip and predictability for his pupils, so the 23s are well worth a look. Other people on our website reckon that they are as good in the wet as the dry and might return 6-7000 miles with ‘spirited’ riding. The front and rear are also wearing at the same rate.

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