Best track tyres for a 2006 Yamaha R6?


 15 March 2011 13:09

I've been doing track days for several years and the last two on my 2006 Yamaha R6 which has only ever been on track. I've used: Pirelli Supercorsa Pros (SP1/SP2), Dunlop GP racers (Med/Endurance) and more recently Metzeler Racetec Interact K2.
I like the Metzelers the best; they’ve given me loads of confidence and I can hold my own in the fast group. The trouble is, they seem to have shot up in price this year to £300+. I can't afford that so I've been looking for an alternative. I've been offered Avon VP2 Extreme or Pirelli BSB for a more reasonable price but I don't know if they'd be up to the job.
What do you think or can you suggest something else? I'm riding with guys on slicks and I don't want to end up on my arse.
Mark Stubbs, email
If you're doing track days and you want decent racing tyres, new ones are an expensive luxury. If I were you I'd buy second hand tyres (or “scrubs”, as they call them) from a race paddock.
These tyres won't be quite as grippy as new, but that extra new grip only lasts for around 10-20 laps anyway and are only worth a couple of tenths of a seconds of a lap, then you're back to the same grip level you'll find in scrubs. You'll easily pick up a set for around £50, as racers are desperate to recoup some of the astronomical costs of racing.
As for the Avon VP2 Extreme and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa BSB, they're both fast road/track day tyres, on the same kind of par as the Dunlop Sportmax D211 GP Racers. I'd be more than happy to use the Pirellis all day long and as they're road tyres they don't need tyre warmers.

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