Michelin Pilot Pure's

By David Wormald -


 20 May 2011 12:02

Having always used Pirelli tyres on my RSV I decided to give the Michelin Pilot Pure a go; multi compond, lighter etc and I liked the 2CTs.

I had a trip to Monza lined up after all and thought that with the combination of motorway touring and then caning it through the Alps, weather permitting, these would offer the best compromise (aren't all things motorcycling a compromise?)

Anyway, tyres fitted I went on a scrubbing-in mission along the A483 in Wales. The weather was good, roads even better, and a few quick mates came with me as they were all keen to get together before the Monza trip.

I am no tester by any means. My riding is mostly on the roads, perhaps the odd track day (I have a ZX10R '05 for that as the Edwards Rep fails noise tests)and I am also an IAM observer on my Caponord, so my riding is fairly varied.

But the tyres lived up to expectations for the most part. The only moments that made me 'clench' a little were leaning over at tight turns.

When I got home I read a tyre test which suggested that the 'Pures were very good but the testers felt that there was a sensation that they might let go at full lean, although that never actually happened to them (or me thankfully).

The following week I went out again on the same route, only this time I lowered the tyre pressures to 32psi front and 34psi rear from 36/42.

This transformed the bike for me and at Cross Gates my mate who had been with me the previous week said I was riding as though I was "on a mission".

I went to Monza, covered nearly 2000 miles, and the tyres were still like new when I got back. It probably did not punish the tyres too much as it rained almost constantly all the way there and back.

However, this makes another point - the levels of grip I found on the twisties in the wet showed the Pures to be a very capable tyre. Just adjust the pressures.

I have not tried these tyres on track but imagine with 30psi front and rear they would prove to be very competent. And you can ride home on them. Result.

I hope this is useful, David.

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