Video: Torneo helmet day

By Rob Hull -


 09 September 2009 16:02

Comedy helmet manufacturer Torneo has celebrated their first year of production by having a special helmet day in Italy.

After a successful launch at the 2008 EICMA Show in Milan back in November 2008, Torneo released a full-range of their sporting orientated helmets.

The concept for the design is to find some sort of medium between sport and motorcycling (don’t ask us why?) and the manufacture has now patented the coating system that they add to the soft composite on the outer of the shell that actually makes the lid feel like the ball it’s based on.    

So the basketball feels just like a basketball would, as does the football and so on.

The helmets are distributed in Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland, and you can get your hands on one of the five designs direct from Italy with prices ranging between £180 and £225.

At the moment there are just open-face helmets available.