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Product Review: Interphone iLink Bluetooth adapter

Simon Relph, 01 April 2014 12:00

Interphone iLink Bluetooth Adapter, £53.99 Time Tested: Two years What's good? Like many people I have an iPol with all my music on, but mine doesn not come with Bluetooth. I have a crash helmet with Bluetooth microphone and speakers that I normally use to listen to directions from my sat-nave. It was only when travling throught the internet that ...

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Product Review: TomTom Rider

Simon Relph, 11 February 2014 11:00

TomTom Rider: £349.99 Time tested: 6500 miles/9 months What’s good? It’s pretty simple to fit so within 30 minutes I was sitting on my bike, TomTom Rider mounted neatly on the handlebars, powered from the bike’s 12v supply and connected via Bluetooth to my helmet intercom (paired up in a matter of minutes.) I was ready to go! Well . ...

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Product Review: Givi V47 top box

Simon Relph, 18 November 2013 16:30

Givi V47 top box, £225 and adaptor plate £115.14Miles covered/time: 3500 miles/6 months What’s good? Top boxes never make a bike look really cool, but they are so bloody practical. They save running around with panniers on all the time, especially if you do a fair amount of filtering on regular journeys. The Givi V47 has a very quick and ...

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Parts Review: Oxford Aluminum folding ramp

Simon Relph, 16 August 2013 10:34

Oxford Aluminum folding ramp, £99.99 Time tested: 11 month What’s good? I have had the same VW pick-up now for 24 years for carting my bikes around when they need it. During this time I have also had a home-made ramp constructed from two pieces of scaffold plank and a pair of flat steel hinges. Just like Trigger’s broom it ...

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Parts Review: Venhill Featherlight Clutch cable

Simon Relph, 01 July 2013 07:30

Venhill Featherlight Clutch cable £20.77 Time tested: 360 miles/1 month What’s good? When I was adjusting the clutch on my old BMW R100R, which has plodded up and down the A1 all winter, I noticed was the cable was looking rather tired and needed replacing. Normally I go straight to BMW, but while rummaging through the internet I found Venhill’s ...

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Luggage Review: Bagster Comfort Seat

Simon Relph, 28 May 2013 09:09

Bagster Comfort Seat, £334 including postage Tester: Simon Relph Time tested: 14 months What’s good? For years I put up with the saddle on my BMW R100R, which was firm through the summer and like concrete during winter. The foam used to soak up water and, as my bike lived outside, it would freeze solid. I sent the seat to ...

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Product review: Dremel multi-function soldering iron

Simon Relph, 16 November 2012 11:50

Dremel multi-function soldering iron, £32.94Miles covered/time: One year What’s good: I tend to use this tool as a soldering iron more than anything else, but that’s not the limit of its usefulness (see below). It is easy to fill with butane gas (just like filling a gas lighter, if you have ever smoked), and the operation of a simple sequence ...

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Product review: Slime Power Sport Tyre inflator 40001

Simon Relph, 16 May 2012 11:27

Slime Power Sport Tyre inflator 40001, £34.99Time used: Eight months What’s good: This is a very neat bit of kit, easy to use, and includes everything you will need to inflate a tyre, whether it’s on your motorcycle, car or bicycle. It can be quickly and easily connected to any 12v power supply, either using the lighter adaptor, directly to ...

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Product review: Venhill Carrying sockets and drivers tool set

Simon Relph, 08 March 2012 17:04

Venhill Carrying sockets and drivers tool set, £25Time used: One month What’s good: I am a huge fan of T-bars and the fact you can use this set as either straight or T-bar is an absolute plus, allowing you to get a really good purchase on whatever you are trying to undo. This is a very nice quality tool set, ...

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Product review: Dremel 8200-2/45 cordless

Simon Relph, 20 February 2012 14:27

Dremel 8200-2/45 cordless, £122.54Time used: 11 months What’s good: This cordless version of the Dremel is a bit bigger due to the battery, but this issue is easily outweighed by the fact you can use it anywhere. This model comes with a very handy hard carrying case containing all of the 8200’s various attachments. Great for use in confined spaces ...


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