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Tips for riding in snow

MCN Newsdesk, 18 December 2009 10:00

Riding on snow can be tricky and is best avoided if possible. However we know that some of you have to brave the snow on your bikes, so here are Steve Farrell's snow riding tips. Steve never lets snow stop his from riding from London up to MCN HQ in Peterborough, so we think he is qualified to give some advice. Steve's ...

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How to park your bike securely

MCN Technical Staff, 30 November 2006 10:14

Why bother? Because having your motorcycle nicked is about twice as likely as your car being half-inched – and such thefts often occur in temporary parking locations. Of course there’s no guarantee that your bike won’t be stolen – if a professional thief wants your bike he’ll probably get it. But combining as many security measures as reasonably and practically ...

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How to prepare your bike for a trackday

MCN Technical Staff, 30 November 2006 14:03

Why bother? As road riders we are quick to learn our limits. Road furniture (eg telegraph poles, hedges etc), other road users and the law help curb our enthusiasm for riding fast. But on an open track, where there is no oncoming traffic or imposed speed limit, your bike can be ridden faster and harder. That’s all great for improving ...

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iancol, 21 January 2009 19:35

Some weeks ago, there was a story about lane discipline on roundabouts - see here Having checked out available documents I felt that there was an issue to resolve and wrote to Driving Standards Agency (DSA): I've looked at all the PDF pages of road signs and can't find any examples of the different types of signs for roundabouts, eg ...

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Riding Skills: You go where you look

Dan Aspel, 14 October 2010 10:43

Bike instructors are forever telling new riders that “you go where you look”, but few prove the point as convincingly as in the following video. This is one lesson the student won’t be forgetting anytime soon. [The point of interest starts at 3:45]  Via: Ducati news today

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How to register a bike in Spain

Marc Abbott, 08 December 2011 10:54

I am going over to live in Spain and I want to re-register my bike over there? Is this possible? Marc Tinney, London Yes it is, but it is a lengthy and potentially expensive process. Anyone importing a bike to Spain has to be aware that there are 17 autonomous communities (kind of regional governments) who can and do make ...

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Importance of gloves!

Kate Ralph, 20 July 2011 16:58

My pride and joy is in a coma right now after I was knocked off after being pulled out on. I was wearing all the right equipment and thankfully got away with just a broken wrist, a ligament tear and a numb knee. I am absolutely sick of seeing riders riding without gloves! What do you put down first out ...

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MCN's guide to urban riding: Defensive riding

MCN, 18 October 2010 10:39

Many bikers assume that their riding skills are the most important factor in road safety. However, other road users are the most serious threat to your safety as a motorcyclist, especially in a city. The sudden movements of other vehicles can present a much greater hazard to you than to the drivers themselves. In this situation, developing a defensive riding ...

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Drifting: the new knee-down?

Guy Procter, 02 September 2009 14:20

UK stunt rider Marc 'Sparky' Chennell is planning to attempt a World Record for motorcycle drifting later this year, so it’s time to start swotting up on this must-have skill. It could be the new knee-down (like you needed anything else to worry about). Like car drifting but infinitely harder, motorcycle drifting involves the you achieving the mythical ‘getting the ...

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Riding skills: Beware black ice

Dan Aspel, 02 December 2010 13:38

This video, shot in the Vancouver area, shows the dangers of black ice on an apparently clear road.  As the road was slightly elevated above sea level, rain water that fell in previously warm conditions began to freeze as the sun started to set. The bike began to lowside as grip was lost on the black ice, then as soon ...


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