Lay siege to Westminster 11 May

By wildchildbikes69 -


 22 April 2009 09:21

Well done Motorcycle News you have finally pulled out the stops and have really pushed the boat out this week with some first class coverage of the No To Bike Parking Fees campaign.

Page 29 (right hand page, always the best) of this week's edition of MCN has a three quarter page article by Steve Farrell (Senior Reporter), titled know your enemy and number one on the list is Mr Danny Chalkley! Superb!

A well written piece outlining the No To campaign to date and just what Westminster Council have been up to, which amounts to banning free speech, via the No To Bike Parking Fees website's forum and totally ignoring the 4,000 people who turned up at the last Mega Demo on the 31st, to protest outside City Hall whilst the committee was meeting to discuss the "Parking experiment".

Well Westminster, you say no to stopping the tax, so we will stop Westminster! Lay siege to Westminster on Monday 11th May, be part of it, gridlock the streets, show these faceless local councilors, who know nothing about bikes and their benefits to society in general, we have had enough of the stealth taxes! Sign up now at