Don't ride to Wales, ride to Somerset

By bryan Kirby -


 19 August 2009 23:11

I am a sixty five year old biker ridden all my life. I agree with many readers these protests never work in this un democratic country that we live in that never listens to us(remember Iraq).

The best suggestion is 'A Ride away' every biker should boycot North Wales hit them in the pocket you would have more affect if you could persuade tourists to stay away and the chief constable would have to look elsewhere for revenue.

I have visited North Wales several times and found that the people there are the most horrible rude bastards I have ever met I'd like to build a wall across the border and shut them all in.

Now you have told me that this goes on there is no way I would ever go there again I say 'Ride away'come down here to Somerset and meet nice friendly people and a fair Police force and some lovely rides.