Use the guidelines and stay safe during the MCN rideout

Use the guidelines and stay safe during the MCN rideout


How to ride in a group

By Chris Newbigging -


 09 March 2009 12:55

MCN’S mass rideout from MCN Live! at Butlins is one of the biggest rideouts in the UK – hundreds of riders take part.

Riding in a group doesn’t require special skills, but you do need to remember a few points to ensure you have an enjoyable as well as safe ride. Here’s MCN’s top tips for riding in large groups.

1. Keep your distance. Sounds obvious, but bunching up reduces your visibility as well as giving you less time to react to anything that happens. Stagger the group so you’re not riding in each others wheels tracks – the first rider keeps to the right side of the lane, and the next rider rides on the left two bike lengths back, and so on.

2. Keep it smooth. Don’t brake or accelerate hard – if you do the rider behind is likely to do the same, starting a chain reaction.

3. The rider at the front of a very large group should stick below 40mph. Groups covering hundreds of yards tend to spread out, and riders towards the back naturally speed up to catch up if they become separated at junctions. Keeping the lead bike slow prevents people riding too fast to stay in touch.

4. Stay in formation. If someone pulls over, by all means overtake, but pulling out and overtaking the group achieves nothing and creates a new risk.

5. Showing off is a big no-no. Some finding it tempting to demonstrate their god-like skill with wheelies, skids and any number of other manoeuvres with a massive audience, but the truth is most people won’t be impressed. If it goes wrong you’ll be even less popular.