Durham Easter Egg run

By JohnPierre -


 06 April 2010 23:24

On Sunday 4th of April, the Durham Annual Easter Egg Run took place.

There were more than 850 motorcyclists present and the whole event was policed by the Durham Constabulary (helped by Durham IAM Group).

Each rider either made a contribution in the form of a donation or brought a chocolate egg along to give to the children at Darlington Memorial Hospital and the Univeristy Hospital (left over eggs were taken to special needs schools).

The weather was brilliant and the atmosphere only added to what was already a well organised and executed day.

The three mile long motorcycle snake travelled through the outskirts of Newcastle, down towards Darlington.

It was amazing to see the amount of support and warmth towards the noisey slow moving bike chain, as people lined the streets to wave and oggle.

This was aided by everyone being so well behaved with no horse play or silly beggars! A well earned brew was to be had in the Darlington Memorial Hospital car park, then it was back onto the bikes and of to the Univeristy Hospital.

A great day was had by all who attended, and a sense of pride was definitely to be had also.

A huge thank you to the Durham Police Force who continue to be a bike friendly constabulary. It's great to think some official bodies still show support for the shrinking bike community!

It was certainly a day for me, as a biker, to feel hugely proud and part of something special.

Thanks to all involved.