Will you help R1200GS rider Chris Boakes?

By Guy Procter -


 13 April 2010 10:57

26-year-old BMW R1200GS rider Chris Boakes needs your help. He has recently been diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy – a condition so rare no British doctor will undertake the life-saving heart and liver transplant operation he needs to survive. Now friends are organising a series of fundraising events to try and raise the £250,000 he needs to have the lifesaving transplants in America.  

The first is the Mayday Run to Hastings on 3 May but tandem skydives, curry nights and pub meets are planned. You can find out more or donate directly at http://www.myfriendneedshelp.org. Friend Mike Weller says: “I’ve known this man since we were in nursery together and he's a wonderful person. He’s always been there when you need him, and trust me he would do the same for you if you needed him. We would appreciate any help you can give”.

Chris can no longer ride because of his condition, and has had to cancel his planned wedding in Jamaica. He says: “I only found out a month ago what was actually wrong with me and I’m still taking it in.

"I haven’t been able to ride since last summer because my heart condition gives me water retention which makes it very uncomfortable to sit on the bike. It’s torture not being able to ride, and that’s what I’m most looking forward to if I can get this operation.”

You can join the facebook group started by Chris’ girlfriend Katie Creton (and already with over 700 members) here and find out more about taking part in events or donating here.