BMAD ride Wooton Basset

By BMADCorky -


 20 March 2010 17:19

15,000 bikers were humbled by the welcome and warmth of affection shown to them by the people of Wooton Basset and villagers along the route.

For the contingent of 45 bikes driven by the Devon based members of Bikers Make a Difference ‘BMAD’ organisation, this had been a tough 13 hours on bikes with little respite.

The journey was arduous, ranging from the bitterly cold to the blazing hot, involuntarily penned in with thousands of wobbly motorcycles, inching along for hours with jagged handle bars either side.

We shuffled increasingly heavy bikes and their pillions forward a few feet at a time as muscles and goodwill became strained. This was no picnic.

The sheer physical scale of the gathering and number of bikers on the runway tarmac was astounding

 The problem faced by the organisers was how to get 15,000 bikes safely through Malmesbury and Wooton Basset, which are ancient villages with old frost damaged roads, lying a good distance from the motorways.

hey managed it, and we didn’t get hurt in the queuing process.

But would any of the BMAD riders from Torbay have swapped an escape route for the smiling, applauding and flag waiving they received from the residents of Wiltshire? No Way!

Every biker attending made a decent contribution to the Afghan Heroes charity. But it became far more than simple giving.

Every biker received a spontaneous and heart felt blessing by the Great British Public, and we will be moved by the memory of that experience for the rest of our lives. BMADCorky