Eskine Hospital charity ride

By ErskineLinda -


 17 March 2010 13:20

Erskine, formerly Eskine Hospital has been caring for ex-servicemen and women since 1916.

Our youngest resident is 25 years old and our odlest is 103 years old.

It costs 15 million pounds each year to run Erskine and part of our fundraising efforts this year includes Erskine Bikers Day which is on Sunday 30th May.

Bikers ride into Erskine at 1pm and pay £5 for the privilege of doing so, the more bikers we have the more money raised.

This has been happening for the last two years. However this year we are adding to the fun.

There will be live bands providing the music, BBQs to delight your taste buds, various stalls to spend your money on, and lots more.

Several clubs have already said they would join us as have the guys who are attending the Wallace Rally - these guys are riding out to Erskine.

It's going to be a great day - Look at Wooton Bassett - why couldn't we have a day like that to honour the men and women at Erskine?

Absolutely amazing, so please help me to put this together and join us in the Big ride to Erskine.

For more details please call me on 0141 814 4622 or email me at linda.o'

Look forward to seeing you, Linda