The 3rd Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club (Trafalgar Square)

By ojosef -


 26 March 2010 19:39

The 3rd Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club has taken place, the number or riders attending has trebled this week, showing that the Breakfast club is growing in size, this time the SMS was sent out with the location set for Trafalgar Square!

Watch the video and see what happened.

The riders arrived and congestion ensued, the riders were also handing out carefully designed leaflets to anyone caught in the jam, to ease their frustration and remind them that their frustration should be taken out with Westminster City Council.

To view the fantastic flyer check this link Sorry if you are inconvenienced, but so are we! (PDF) Next Wednesday 31st March 2010 will be the 4th Breakfast Club (Who knows where they will strike this time, but it will be somewhere that will cause great annoyance to Westminster City Council).

Also next week will be the anniversary of the largest ever No To the Bike Parking Tax demonstration (Video reminder of that amazing day).

But wait!... Weds 31st March 2010 will be a DOUBLE WHAMMY! not only will the Morning Breakfast Club meet, but it will be the first ever meeting of the "Wednesday Evening Supper Club"!

That's right we will be executing exactly the same stunt as the Morning club but this time during the evening from 6pm-8pm.

If you find yourself itching to join No To the Bike Parking Tax on these rides, please register to receive the SMS location alert, the campaign will give you plenty of time to get to the meeting point. Other news - The High Court Case against Westminster City Council's Motorcycle Parking Tax Scheme.

The campaign has handed in the High Court legal challenge papers, and now they await a court date, view the claim papers here (PDF).

The campaign however still need donations to aid the legal process, they are 100% dedicated to fighting this piece of anti-bike legislation yet they need to reach £50,000 to have the best possible chance.

Please give your donation here, they are asking for the equivalent of "One tank of fuel" the have a live total of funds to date on their website.

Thanks for the support! Scrap the bike parking tax, before it spreads to other councils, this is the thin end of the wedge!