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The Unbearable Challenge - November 14-18 2011
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The Unbearable Challenge - November 14-18 2011

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 02 November 2011 09:56

Ben Bromilow and Olly Newby-Robson, who both work at Balderston Motorcycles, Peterborough, are gearing up to ride the length and breadth of the country and cover nearly 2,500 miles in just five days on second-hand 250cc scooters as part of the Unbearable Challenge with only two furry friends for company.

The plan is to visit all UK mainland BMW Motorrad dealers and raise more than £2,000 for Cancer Research UK in the process.

To keep their gruelling challenge fun, the pair are taking two travelling companions, a couple of bears, specially commissioned by bear artist TeddyTums for the challenge.

Ben Bromilow said: “At first we were just wondering how far you could travel on a scooter and by the end of it we had created quite a challenge for ourselves.”

“To make it truly unbearable we are going to take a pair of Teddy bears with us and photograph them outside each dealership and other points of interest.”

“We are trying to raise £2,000 to help fund the vital work of Cancer Research UK.”

“We have had friends and family members affected by cancer over the last few years, unfortunately a few of these people are no longer with us, but thankfully some are.”

“We hope that the money raised will help save many more lives.”

The pair will start their challenge from Balderston Motorcycles in Peterborough, on Monday the 14th of November. They will then head up to Inverness in Scotland via the east coast and back down the west coast to Plymouth via Cardiff.

The next leg of the journey sees them make the short trip along the south coast to Brighton, before going through London, up to Norwich and then back to Peteborough.

They would love to see fellow bikers join them for the onward journey. You can find the schedule at www.theunbearablechallenge.co.uk.

For further information about the challenge, visit Ben and Olly’s website at www.theunbearablechallenge.co.uk or go to their online fund-raising page at www.justgiving.com/theunbearablechallenge