Air Ambulance charity ride, September 7

By Anonymous -


 09 May 2013 17:04

The idea is to give riders a great excuse for getting out on the bike and meeting up to support a worthy charity. The entry is open to all riders of motorcycles and scooters, solos or sidecars, with or without a passenger, riding alone or with a small group of friends.

Riders will have to visit a number of control points in Kent and Sussex. They can start from a point close to home but to complete the event they must arrive at the final control point which will be the meet point for the final ride to the Air Ambulance base.

An entry fee for the rally of £5 per person will be collected at that time.

The control points are unmanned but will be easily identifiable landmarks and riders will have to prove they have visited them by producing a photo of their bike at the control points.

The rough location of the control points will be made available via the internet approximately a fortnight before the event to allow riders to plan their routes, then the final identification of the control will be available from the Saturday morning of the weekend previous to the final ride to the base, so riders will have a week to visit them, before joining the final ride.

Also downloadable will be a control card to be marked with the controls visited (these will be checked against photos).

There will be a minimum challenge of visiting 10 control points. Beyond that, riders can set their own challenge and visit either 20 or 40 control points. There will be prizes for participants too.